Journal of Human Capital

ADB Distinguished Speakers Program: Isaac Ehrlich
02 August 2019 – Manila, Philippines

In this lecture entitled, “Human Capital and Economic Development“, Professor Isaac Ehrlich discussed the critical role of human capital in determining the demand for life, which has two dimensions: the quality of life, and the quantity of life, also known as longevity. He also discussed the role of human capital as an “engine of growth” that can explain the transition from a stagnant state of development to a regime of endogenous, self-sustaining per-capita income growth. He also explained the complex issue of immigration and demonstrated why its short- and long-term net benefits are influenced by the degree to which immigration can enhance human capital formation.


Special issue of the Journal of Human Capital is the second in two volumes to honor the life and scholarship of Nobel laureate Gary Becker.

The earlier issue of the Journal of Human Capital (JHC) (Summer 2019) is its second volume celebrating the life and scholarship of the late Nobel laureate Gary Becker.

This issue follows one published last year (Summer 2018, vol. 12, no. 2), which focused largely on a central issue in Becker’s work – the role of human capital accumulation and its impact on both market and non-market economic activity. The response to the call for papers for the first issue was so robust that a second issue was merited.

Volume 13, Number 3 | Fall 2019

has been mailed and is available in print from the University of Chicago Press

Occupational Attainment of Natives and Immigrants: A Cross-Cohort Analysis
Hugh Cassidy

Marching across Generations? Education Benefits and Intrahousehold Decision-Making
Benjamin L. Castleman, Francis X. Murphy, and William L. Skimmyhorn

Can Basic Maternal Literacy Skills Improve Infant Health Outcomes? Evidence from the Education Act in Nepal
Vinish Shrestha

Contributions of Skills to the Racial Wage Gap
Melinda Petre